April 2014

Does the type of glue make a difference?


We take for granted that our customers understand the difference between  PUR (polyurethane reactive) and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) glues used in perfect binding. The fact is, that although most know that PUR glues are better, they don’t know why.


When considering the purchase of our perfect binder, we tested many different systems and applications before settling on our Horizon BQ-470 PUR perfect binder.


PUR glue has about 50% better adhesion than traditional adhesives used in perfect binding. Utilizing our expertise, we can perfect bind books with as few as eight (8) pages, eliminating the need for staples in booklets with fewer page counts.


The added binding strength and flexible nature of the adhesive bonds to coated or synthetic papers, and substrates with aqueous or UV cured coatings with near lay-flat and stay-open capabilities.


Have you ever left a perfect bound book in your car for an extended period of time? EVA glue will chip or crack after being exposed to temperature extremes, but PUR glues are more heat and cold resistant.


“Our clients expect only the best work to come from our company,” says owner, Nick Nejad. “We sleep well at night, knowing our books won’t fall apart. We concentrate on making the best possible product, not the cheapest.”

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