February 2015

Colornet Press adds UV curing inks to its arsenal of high quality production methods.


If you thought our uncoated printing was fabulous before, you should see how we’ve taken it to the next level! Partnering with Komori America, Colornet Press is one of the few printing companies in Southern California to adopt the Printing Industries Intertech Technology Award winner, Komori H‐UV.


Not only does the ink dry immediately as with conventional UV inks, it doesn’t emit any ozone, and requires 25% of the energy needed for conventional UV. Some of the added benefits are more rub resistance on dull or uncoated sheets, the sheets are de‐inkable for recycling, there isn’t any dry‐back and you can add many spot or overall gloss and dull effects in line. With reduced operating temperatures, stock deformation is kept to a minimum for better color fit and multiple passes through the press.


You’re not limited to paper. Feel free to get creative on synthetic substrates, plastics, vinyl, foils and wood. Printing just got easier to be creative!

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